Responses to Suffering

by Gary Jansen Many years ago, a noted psychologist asked an audience, “If I squeeze an orange, what comes out of it?” After a few seconds, someone shouted back, “Orange juice!” The psychologist smiled. “Yes,” he said, “orange juice. Why?” A few moments followed, and another audience member answered, “Because that’s what’s inside the orange.” … [Read more…]

Confessions of an ‘in-between’ Catholic

by Noel Koenke in the National Catholic Reporter (USA), 20 March 2018: Living two lives breaks you. Having tried to live as a Catholic campus minister and as a lesbian woman, my authentic self, piece by piece, slowly broke apart. I was asked to hide, to “be discreet” about my same-sex marriage, and later was … [Read more…]

Catholic leaders praise Stephen Hawking for his contribution to science and dialogue

From Carol Glatz, the Catholic News Service, 14 March 2018: Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who said he did not believe in God, was still an esteemed member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and fostered a fruitful dialogue between science and faith. The academy, which Pope Pius IX established in 1847, tweeted, “We are deeply … [Read more…]

‘Mother’s Day cards are for no women I know’

       From Jennifer O’Connell in The Irish Times, 10 March 2017: I’m looking at Mother’s Day cards for my mother. I’m not exactly inspired. Mothers, in the world of Hallmark, are nurturing, self-sacrificing, unthreatening. They love bunny rabbits, lavender and bouquets of flowers in unlikely, lurid hues. They exist only as a reflection … [Read more…]

Rough Sleeping and Mental Health

From Councillor Dan Perry, North Jesmond:  Our Changing Lives Multiple Exclusion Team searches for people who are rough sleeping and responds to public alerts. Changing Lives have doubled their team to ensure we find everyone. We are encouraging everyone we find, whether rough sleeping, begging or on the streets for any other reason, to make … [Read more…]

The Uncertain Future of Catholic Ireland

From James T Keane in ‘America- the Jesuit Review’, 23 February 2018 The College Chapel at St. Patrick’s College of Maynooth has 454 carved oak stalls for seminarians and priests. They run in serried ranks down the length of its nave, making it the largest choir chapel in the world. The church itself is a … [Read more…]