Homily, 28th Sunday (A)

28th Sunday (A) The first reading from the Old Testament (Isaiah 25:6-10) is frequently chosen for funerals. So it may be one that you’d like to be chosen for your own. The text originates from hundreds of years before the time of Christ and is an imaginative description of what the future Kingdom or Reign … [Read more…]

Eulogy: Fr Anthony Donaghue

Given at St Bernadette’s, Wallsend on Monday 25 September 2017: Fr Anthony Michael Donaghue (1948-2017) Anthony was the first child of Bill and Winkle Donaghue. Bill was a native of Barnsley and Winkle originated from Surrey. Bill had flown Spitfires for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and been awarded the Distinguished … [Read more…]

Eulogy: Howard Baker

Given at St Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle for Howard’s Requiem Mass on Monday 9 October 2017:  Henry Howard Hanwell Baker 1954-2017 The Reading from the Old Testament’s Book of Wisdom (3:1-6, 9) is a text that Howard was fond of choosing for funeral liturgies here in this Cathedral; and he asked that it be read for … [Read more…]

Homily 25th Sunday (A) 2017

In today’s Gospel – Matthew 20:1-16 – we have yet another story from Jesus to explain what God is like and what it should mean to belong to his kingdom. This time the story was told in response to people complaining that Jesus was paying more attention to the outcasts and public sinners than he … [Read more…]

Fr Anthony Michael Donaghue (1948-2017)

This is the text of the homily I preached at the Funeral Mass for the late Fr Anthony Donaghue at Our Lady & St Columba’s Church, Wallsend on Monday 18 September 2017 (Fr Campion): Anthony was the first child of Bill and Winkle Donaghue. Bill was a native of Barnsley and Winkle originated from Surrey. … [Read more…]

Homily, 24th Sunday (A) 2017

Today’s teaching from Our Lord is clear and unambiguous – if we want God to forgive us our sins, then we have to forgive those who have sinned against us. This was clear to St Peter who, with the other disciples, had been taught by Jesus to pray to God, as we will do later … [Read more…]

‘One in three scientists has faith in God’

From Kaya Burgess, THE TIMES, 11 September 2017: Scientists are regarded as sceptical, but only a quarter are atheists, figures suggest. Ipsos Mori questioned more than 1,000 people in professions including engineering, medical and technical research industries and found that 31 per cent said they were religious and 60 per cent said they were not. … [Read more…]

‘Most UK Catholics back right to abortion’

From Kaya Burgess ,Religious Affairs Correspondent, THE TIMES 11 September 2017: For the first time, most British Catholics support a woman’s right to have an abortion, as Christians move closer to secular opinion on social issues. The 2016 British Social Attitudes survey found that 61 per cent of Catholics in Britain agreed that “the law should allow … [Read more…]