Prayers, Poems and Reflections

These pages mostly contain poems and reflections – but mostly poems – published in the weekly parish newsletter. Contribution are welcome.

My Life’s Stem Was Cut

Helen Dunmore (1952-2017)


My life’s stem was cut,

But quickly, lovingly

I was lifted up,

I heard the rush of the tap

And I was set in water

In the blue vase, beautiful

In lip and curve,

And here I am

Opening one petal

As the tea cools.

I wait while the sun moves

And the bees finish their dancing,

I know I am dying

But why not keep flowering

As long as I can

From my cut stem?


The late Helen Dunmore was awarded the Costa Book of the Year award posthumously for her “life affirming” tenth and final collection, Inside the Wave (Bloodaxe Books), which was written while she was dying from cancer. My Life’s Stem Was Cut is from her final collection.