Baptismal FontFrom the beginning of Christianity, the Church has celebrated some of the important moments in our lives when God is close to us. These are peak moments in our lives and for each one of them we have public rituals in the Church – known as Sacraments – to mark these special occasions when we call on God to bless us with His grace.

The Church has singled out seven of these important occasions when in words and symbolic actions we publicly celebrate God being with us (Emmanuel).  These ‘sacraments’ are: BaptismConfirmation and Eucharist (the sacraments of initiation); Penance/Reconciliation and Anointing  (the sacraments of healing); Marriage and Orders/Ordination (the sacraments of commitment).

Sacraments in the Catholic Church – there are seven in all – are special occasions for experiencing God’s saving presence. When celebrated, the Sacraments are visible outward expressions of God touching us with His healing grace.

For further information on each Sacrament, please follow the links above. Should you require any further information please contact Father Campion.